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The same tile Outside and Inside

Outside-Inside Porcelain Tiles

There are two options,the INSIDE (Natural) range of tiles and the OUTSIDE(Grip) range.This is ideal when the tiles are to flow from a room into the garden particularly if you have Bi-Fold or sliding patio doors.The 10mm thick tiles are suitable for underfloor heating.

Why use porcelain tiles outside?   External Porcelain tiles have a water absorption rate of less than 0.5% which means they’re classified by international bodies as being frost-proof.Unlike natural stone and timber, porcelain tiles are non porous so they do not require sealing and require minimal maintenance.

Slip resistance  External porcelain tiles have a more textured surface than internal porcelain tiles and are given a rating of R11 which means they are suitable for outside use.Porcelain tiles are fired in a kiln to 1200 degrees C so they are very dense and incredibly hard.They are resistant to fading and scratches.Download PDF data document

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Laying Pennine 10mm External tiles

Laying 10mm porcelain tiles

Completed patio

Pennine porcelain patio

Steps and patio

Unlimited design possibilities

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Constructing your concrete slab Further details

Porcelain tiles laid with adhesive

Fix with cement based adhesive

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Porcelain 20mm treads

Inside-Outside Porcelain Tiles 10mm thick

Outside-Inside Porcelain Tiles. A growing trend is sliding or bi-fold doors from the kitchen and living area onto the patio.Outside-inside porcelain tiles offer the option of the same tile flowing from the inside onto the patio and gives a remarkable feeling of space.Outside-inside porcelain tiles are available in two finishes natural or polished for the inside and then a GRIP finish for outside.Outside porcelain tiles are available in two thicknesses usually 20mm and 10mm.The only difference is the thickness,a 10mm tile has exactly the same qualities as a 20mm thick tile and offers considerable cost savings.

10mm thick outside porcelain tiles should be laid on a concrete base.The golden rule is site preparation,it’s well worth preparing the outside concrete base properly to ensure future durability.If you have a technical question call our helpline 0121 784 6800.

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Inside-Outside Porcelain Tiles 20mm thick

20mm thick porcelain tiles can be laid using support pedestals in each corner,a granular bed,grass or on a concrete base.If laying on a concrete base a cement based tile adhesive must be used.

20mm porcelain support pedestals

Support pedestals for 20mm thick tiles

Laying 20mm thick tiles on a granular bed


Laying 20mm thick tiles on grass


Create pathways


Outside-Inside Porcelain Wood 10mm


Wood effect porcelain tiles.Becoming increasingly popular,our porcelain planks offer all the beauty and charm of the natural material and stunningly realistic but as they’re made from glazed porcelain, they won’t warp or rot and are incredibly easy to keep clean.

Now available in Outside-Inside you can now flow your floor from the inside to the outside as these tiles are available in Natural finish for inside and GRIP finish for outside.

They are ideal for almost any room and are laid with a staggered joint for an authentic look

All the beauty of a wood floor without the issues of real wood,Impermeable to water,unbelievably hard wearing and low maintenance