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What’s new in 2018

Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles add a completely different look to a wall or floor.Our new collection for 2018 features a unique selection of designs from the wonderful Safari collection to the subtle elegance of Statuario Marble.

Let your imagination run with these eclectic tiles and add a touch of colour and style

Zanzibar Hexagon tiles PP opt


Inspiration for 2018


Carpet Tiles

What a good idea!
Textured porcelain tiles that look like carpet in several subtle shades and even a Tartan pattern.If you have underfloor heating and are concerned about real carpet or simply need a very hard wearing surface these tiles could be the answer.

Porcelain Carpet Tiles

Tartan Oatmeal

Beige Weave

Metro Artisan

A soft undulating highly glazed surface catches the light and creates a subtle undulating look.The rectangular size means you can lay them traditionally or in “herringbone” pattern.

Perfect for a feature wall in the kitchen or bathroom and available in a pallet of shades.

Metro Classic

Metro Artisan Silver

Metro Tan opt

Metro Artisan


‘Majolica’ was originally used to describe wares made in Mediterranean Europe and primarily exported through the port of Maiorca. It was the first modern European pottery to achieve rich colours with a glazed finish.

This collection captures the vibrant simplicity of this type of tile with bold blues on a crisp white background.As these tiles are on a porcelain body they are very durable.

Majolica - table-opt

Metro Artisan Silver


Metro Artisan


A collection of glazed silver tiles in a selection of relief patterns can create a very unique and dramatic effect.Feature panels or walls are very effective and we show these tiles with Bianco Veria in a bathroom.


Argent Silver with Bianco Veria


Argent patterns

Bianco Veria

Marble effect porcelain tiles are very popular particularly the variations of Calacatta and Statuario.This tile new to our collection is very subtle with grey veining on a white background and is available in a range of sizes.

Bianco Veria floor opt

 Bianco Veria floor


Bianco Veria


We are always looking for interesting products and we are delighted to introduce Rigo to our collection of Stone Effect tiles.

Rigo can be used almost anywhere and it has a super relief tile that can be used to create a stunning feature in a bathroom.

This is an ideal tile for large areas as it is available in a range of sizes.

Contemporary Stone Effect Tiles



Rigo relief tiles

Bookmatched Tiles

Book-matched marble slabs are slabs which were right next to each other when cut from the block, but have been polished on opposite sides. When these slabs are placed side by side, you will see that they are a near mirror image of each other. Veining can be matched up to create one unbroken pattern.

These slabs have been reproduced in porcelain with a high gloss finish size 1200 x 600 x 9mm and are available in a set of 4 tiles.They can be laid as a single row which covers 1200 high x 2400 long.


Calacatta Bronze Landscape


Calacatta Silver Portrait

Oxide Metallic Tiles

Unique metallic finish tiles,ideal for wall or floors and to create a dramatic feature wall.

Available in Oxide Bronze and Oxide Night.


Oxide Bronze Metallic


Oxide Night Metallic


Stone Effect Collection



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