Natural and Traditional
Stone effect porcelain tiles
Stone effect porcelain tiles are meticulously designed to replicate the rich textures and intricate patterns of natural stone. Whether you're reviving a historic home, transforming a contemporary space, or simply seeking to infuse your surroundings with a touch of refined tradition, our stone effect porcelain tiles provide the perfect solution.
Outside-Inside porcelain tiles
From house to garden,outside-inside porcelain tiles create a stunning effect particularly with patio windows
Unassuming sophistication
Slate effect porcelain tiles
Slate effect porcelain tiles offer the natural beauty of slate with the advantage of easy maintenance and durability.Perfect to create a stunning traditional or contemporary look
Elegance and Sophistication
Marble effect porcelain tiles
Marble has added elegance and luxury to buildings for centuries and Marble effect porcelain tiles enable you to create that same luxurious look with the advantage of durability and ease of maintenance and offer significant cost benefits compared with their natural equivalent

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Established in 1973, we have a wealth of experience in supplying  stone effect porcelain tiles, marble effect tiles, outside-inside tiles, slate, and onyx.We deliver anywhere in the UK and Europe and take pride in offering superior quality materials and customer service.Visit our extensive showrooms to see large displays many in room settings  Our friendly and experienced team is here to help, as we understand the importance of selecting the right tiles for your project s://

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