Laying Porcelain tiles outside

Porcelain tiles are ideal for external applications with a wide selection of options.

Laying Porcelain Tiles Outside

Porcelain tiles are perfect for outside use although it is important to select a tile that has a suitable surface finish often called a GRIP finish or R11

Porcelain tiles are made from selected clays and formed into a tile. They are then fired in a kiln to very high temperatures resulting in a water absorption of 0.5% which is classified as frost proof.

Certain tile ranges have the option of two finishes, Natural finish for inside use and Grip finish for outside. The Grip finish has more texture and is designed for external use. It is important to select a Grip finish if you are using tiles outside. The advantage of two finishes is that you can use the same tile inside and outside so you can flow your floor outside onto the patio which is particularly attractive if you have sliding or bi-fold doors. The tiles are identical apart from the surface texture. There is a wide selection to choose from and even Porcelain Wood tiles.

Porcelain tiles are non-porous so require very little maintenance.

Some outside porcelain tiles are available in two thicknesses usually 20mm and 10mm. The only difference is the thickness. A 10mm tile has the same qualities as a 20mm thick tile and offers considerable cost savings and is easier to cut.

You must use 20mm if you are using support pedestals and 10mm must be laid on a prepared concrete slab. See Pour-a-Concrete-Patio Having said that 20mm thick tiles (if you are not using pedestals) should also be laid on a concrete slab.UK winters are unpredictable with some severe frosts, laying on a slab is the preferred method. You must use a suitable cement-based tile adhesive when laying porcelain tiles outside.

Tile sizes
The most popular tiles in 10mm thick are rectangular such as 900 x 600mm. This is a traditional stone size that can be laid bonded. For 20mm thick the most popular size is 600 x 600mm although they are available in certain ranges 900 x 600mm.

Inside-Outside Porcelain Tiles

If you are laying the same tile inside and outside you would use a natural finish tile internally and a “grip finish” tile outside, visually they are almost identical. Normal practice is to use a 10mm thick tile inside with the option of either 10mm or 20mm thick tiles outside. It is usual to lay the outside tiles on a concrete base using a cement-based adhesive so you can use 10mm thick tiles. They have the same properties as a 20mm thick tile but with considerable cost savings and are available in a larger range of sizes. An alternative method for external tiling is a sub-base of 100mm type one compacted stone. This is often made up of one 50mm layer of compacted stone, followed by a second 50mm layer. Once this has been achieved, 20mm porcelain tiles can be applied onto a bedding mortar.

Now, if you are fixing 20mm tiles to compacted stone using a bedding mortar, there are only 3 steps to follow.

    1. Mix and apply a minimum 30mm bed of bedding mortar
    2. Prime the back of the 20mm porcelain tile using a slurry primer and then bed into the wet bedding mortar
    3. Once the mortar is set, the area can be grouted using brush-in sand, such as ProPave Grout

Steps/Copings Steps.
If you are using to 10mm outside you have the option of using a “Nosing Strip” which is inexpensive, very easy to install, and forms the corner of the tread or you can use it, depending on the tile range (many ranges such as the Pennine collection have a 20mm thick option) a matching 20mm thick tread. We offer a standard tread with a “bullnose” profile and drip groove

We produce Porcelain Copings cut from 20mm thick tiles. There is a selection available(consider a contrasting shade). They have straight edges and drip grooves on both sides.

Please note that the edges or bullnose profile will reflect the body colour of the tile.

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Laying 10mm porcelain outside
Laying porcelain on a concrete bed
10mm or 20mm thick tiles on a concrete base
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