Limestone Floor Tiles

The natural beauty of stone

Limestone Floor Tiles

Limestone floor tiles are used to create the most beautiful and subtle floors that create a feeling of relaxed elegance,unachievable with other materials.We show here our most popular natural stone floor tiles that we usually stock. If you require a specific tile or size not shown please call us.To appreciate the subtle variations of these stones a visit to our showrooms is important where we show large areas of these tiles.

We are happy to send samples but natural stone floor tiles are a product of nature and as such will vary from batch to batch so samples and images are representative.

Honed          A satin finish
Brushed       The surface is gently brushed to create a gentle aged appearance
Polished       The surface is machine polished
Waterworn   The tile is gently waterworn to create a softer aged edge and surface

For options to natural stone see our   Stone Effect Porcelain


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