Marble and Stone shower trays

Minimal shower trays in Marble and Stone produced to almost any size in a selection of materials and design options

Marble and stone Shower Trays

Marble-stone shower trays, machined from solid blocks of Marble or Quartzstone to almost any size and shape and all produced in our Birmingham factory with the most modern CNC machines available. Minimal Marble-Stone shower trays are designed to offer a low profile with a depth of only 30mm are available in a wide range of designs and are made to individual requirements. We can produce irregular sizes to fit your space and all our shower trays trays are machined from a single block. There are no joints and we can incorporate features such as glass grooves to accommodate 10mm toughened glass panels that fit directly into the tray without the usual glass track. This is a surprisingly economic system simply requiring glass cut to size from a local supplier.

Increasingly popular are Quartzstones which look just like natural stone but are very strong, predictable, and very easy to maintain. This is the perfect solution for larger shower trays up to 3000 x 1400mm. and has the advantage that they do not require regular sealing and are easy to maintain. We are very selective about the choice of Limestones and Marble as many are simply unsuitable. We are happy to discuss your requirements simply give us a call.

Marble-Stone shower trays are available in a wide range of sizes, the waste can be positioned if required to suit joist spans for easier fitting. We use a Hi Flow waste as standard. Offering a simple solution for those who wish to create the “wet room” look without the problems associated with sealing and waterproofing we can produce trays to individual requirements.

Waste position
We use a McAlpine Hi Flow waste as standard and this can be positioned if required to sit between joists or to match an existing outlet. A waste must be situated a minimum of 250mm from any side. 

Bespoke service
We can make a tray to suit almost any shape. If you need a tray to suit a particular space send us a simple sketch for a quotation

We are happy to quote for your tray, all we require is the overall size, i.e. length x width, and the material. Click quotation form.

We do not charge extra for glass grooves or a lead-in option. Mail us info@alistairmackintosh.co.uk  or call Mike 0121 784 6800.We always send a detailed drawing for customer approval. 

Marble and Stone Shower Trays


Standard shower trays are machined with a gentle fall to waste. We manufacture each tray to order so we can produce a tray to suit individual requirements and shapes. There are many design options and we illustrate these below.

white quartzstone wave tray

Divinity White Quartzstone Tray


Grey Quartzone Tray


Divinity Crema Quartzstone tray with “lead in”

crema quartzstone wave tray

Divinity Crema Quartzstone Tray

Carrara Tray FTW

Bianco Carrara Marble Tray


Calacatta Marble Tray

Design Options

Glass grooves We can incorporate glass grooves that enable a piece of 12mm toughened glass to be fitted rather than a complete enclosure. This is a very cost-effective solution and creates a very minimal look. Glass panels can be incorporated on any side and are fitted when the walls are tiled using a glass retaining trim. Increasingly popular is to incorporate a Lead In area particularly when the tray is fitted between three walls


Lead in shower  tray with glass groove for single glass panel

Tray single glass panel

Standard shower tray with glass groove for single glass panel


Lead in shower tray with two glass grooves for twin glass panels


Enclosed shower tray with glass groove for glass panel


We can provide matching upstand strips to raise your tray if you are unable to sink the waste into the floor. Standard concrete blocks can be used, the total area must be supported (allow access to the waste from one side). The normal height is 110mm but can be made to suit. The upstands can be flush or set back 5mm to create an eyeline if required.

McAlpine waste.2

McAlpine Hi Flow waste

Visio-ST90-HP range.vsd

Bianco Carrara Marble tray

Materials Marble

There are many different types of  Marble however most are unsuitable for a shower tray due to variations and fault lines. We show some of the available marbles however if you have a particular marble in mind let us know.


Bianco Carrara Marble

arabescato marble

Arabescato Marble

Botticinno Fiorito

Botticcino Marble


Quartzstone looks like a natural stone but is unbelievably durable. Unlike Marble it does not require regular sealing, is very simple to maintain, and is ideal for high-usage showers. The Divinity White is our most popular as it suits almost all types of tiles


Divinity White Quartzstone


Divinity Crema Quartzstone

medium grey

Medium Grey Quartzstone

pure white

Pure White Quartzstone

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