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Onyx Porcelain Tiles

Onyx porcelain tiles,a much favoured stone by the aristocracy of ancient Rome, who lined their palaces with it, the more prestigious varieties of Onyx have been so greatly used over the centuries that quarries are now protected as deposits are at risk of finishing.

Onyx Marie The veining and texture of Onyx Marie recreates its elegance and maintains its prestige over time creating a very  elegant and opulent effect.

Azul Macauber  Based on the unique marble from Brazil this is certainly a talking point tile.With deep blue background and attractive linear markings you can be sure it will be noticed and is often used by interior designers to create impact.

Onyx Trevi Soft linear veining unique to Onyx

Lima Winding basalt and calcite trails conjure up images of waves on Portuguese beaches and even carry the user as far away as Brazil where the clever contrast of black and white calls to mind the Copacabana seafront. This striking juxtaposition of dark and light featured in the stone found in the Princesinha do Mar (as the city’s beach is affectionately known) offered inspiration for this bold tile,which is ideal for sophisticated, contemporary interiors.