Strauss Marble Porcelain Tiles

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Strauss marble porcelain tiles are unique having  remarkable definition and colour with a highly polished surface.

Available in 1200 x 600mm this large format tile is ideal for floors and walls creating a striking yet very elegant statement.

If you are looking for something completely different this is a tile that should be considered.


Rectified Tiles

All large format porcelain tiles can have a slight curvature,this is perfectly normal and within industry standards.If you are laying "brick bond" they should not be half bonded but 30% of the length Rectified means the tiles have been machined to size following the firing process,however tiles from different production batches can vary so please ensure that sufficient tiles and an allowance for waste (normally 10%) are ordered in one go. As with all ceramic tiles slight shade and dimensional variation should be expected between both batches and sizes of Porcelain tiles.We do not recommend mixing sizes.

Larger tile samples

It is sometimes difficult to decide from a small free sample (100 x 100mm) particularly with tiles having subtle variations.

We can send larger samples 300 x 300mm and charge only the postage costs £5.00 + VAT each.

Call 0121 784 6800 to arrange

Delivery & VAT

Delivery and VAT is not included in the price of the material and will be charged upon checkout by delivery zone.

Tile/ Area Calculator

Enter the tile size required and total area required.

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Per m2
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Per m2
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