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We show the latest products added to our collection

What's New

Dive into a realm of possibilities where every detail tells a story of ingenuity. From trendsetting textures to captivating colors, our newest arrivals are curated to elevate your space and reflect the latest design trends. Stay ahead of the curve with the most sought-after materials, finishes, and patterns that promise to transform your surroundings. 

Slate porcelain tiles

Cumbria Slate porcelain tiles take their inspiration from Burlington, an English stone particularly well known in its blue-green shades.They have a satin/honed finish with a wonderful green background.

Charcoal Black


Palma Sand and Umber

Palma marble porcelain tiles available in two warm shades Umber and Sand.A stunning very subtle and elegant tile giving an opulent feel.A truly classic tile.The two shades can be used together such as the Palma Umber on the floor and the Palma Sand on the walls or to create a floor inlay.

Palma Sand

Palma Umber

Metro Tiles

We have completely updated our  Decorative and Metro collection with some stunning new additions.A wonderful selection of sizes and colours


Outside-Inside porcelain tiles

Increasingly popular Outside-Inside tiles where you use the same tile from the house into the garden.Large selection including the new Langley collection visit our Outside-Inside Porcelain tile page

Pietra Gris

Pietra Gris


New to our Marble Effect Porcelain collection, Arezzo is a unique and striking marble porcelain. If you are looking for a distinctive tile this collection should be considered


Arezzo Gold


Arezzo Blue

Onyx Oceano and Nube

A much-favoured stone by the aristocracy of ancient Rome, who lined their palaces with it, the more prestigious varieties of Onyx have been so greatly used over the centuries that quarries are now protected as deposits are at risk of finishing.

Onyx Nube

Onyx Oceano

Stone Cladding Tiles

Our collection of decorative stone tiles are unbelievably detailed and realistic.They are made from porcelain so they can be used inside and outside.Their unique interlocking shape avoids straight horizontal joints, dramatically increasing their visual impact.




A new addition to our Marble Porcelain Collection.Subtle and attractive veining create a stunning feel.

Let your imagination run with these eclectic tiles and add a touch of style

Trapani Gold

Trapani Bianco

Metallic Tiles

Unleash your creativity as you explore the endless possibilities of Metallic Tiles. Whether you’re looking to create a luxurious bathroom or a captivating feature wall, our tiles offer a versatile and striking solution. The interplay of light and shadow on the metallic surfaces creates a dynamic visual experience.

Metallic Bronze

Metallic Night


Visit our showrooms,four floors of inspirational tiles.Our experienced and friendly staff are here to help.Large car park.See opening hours below

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